Problems with organic grass:


Those that care for their lawns know that it takes lots of time and money to maintain it. in a society that is becoming more and more busy, many people are beginning to have no time to spend on their lawns. When the lawn gets neglected there are big consequences. The lawn becomes susceptible to various infections from foreign species.

Here are some common things that happen to grass:

1) Weeds come in to take nutrients from the grass:

Common weeds:

– yarrow: Found when there are lack of nutrients in the soil. Creamy white flowerings.

– Daisy Weed: White flower with yellow center.

– Creeping Buttercup: Orange/yellow like flower that dangles. It is usually caused by extreme damp soil.

– Greater Plantain: Large weeds that spread widely covering up grass. They need to be picked out and leaves extremely ugly holes. Constant mowing is required to prevent these.

– Dandelions: Yellow flower that has deep roots. Must remove roots to prevent reoccurrence. Leaves a really bad looking lawn.

-Fungal Infections: Once the fungus comes out, fungicides are not very effective. They often already infected a large area of the lawn and they will constantly reoccur even after spraying on the existing fungus.

-Moss: Moss is a very common thing that takes over lawns. This is caused by too little fertilizers used, too much shade, and the soil is too wet.

2) Dog Urine:

Dog Urine leaves bald patches on your lawn.

3) Moles:

Though not very common the moles are indeed present. They do not hesitate to leave hoes on your lawn.

4) Birds:

They like to come to your lawn and pick out worms or any other things they may think is food. When they start pecking their beaks leaves some ever so nice holes on your lawn.

5) Grubs:

Worms that eat up grass roots. Requires reseeding after pesticides are applied.