Why Choose Artificial Grass


  1. Why Choose Artificial Turf for Your Lawn? ​

Synthetic grass can provide you with a beautiful looking lawn with minimal effort and expenes compared to a natural lawn. You will elminate the need for re-seeding bald patches on the grass, the immense amount of water needed to upkeep a green lawn (with natural grass), the need for fertilizing, the need to mow, and the need to spend hours and hours of time to maintain a natural lawn.

  1. How Long Does it Last? ​

Artificial grass lasts for unspecified amounts of time as the nature of the product completely depends on the usage of its consumer. Most of our products are designed for clients who traverse the lawn moderately or frequently. The density and natural look of our turf is expected to look great for at least 10 years. Realistically, you should expect artificial turf to last a period of 15-20 years on your yard.

  1. How Much Does it Cost?

Lets say that you spend $200 per month on landscaping and watering costs. You are looking at $2400 a year. Over five years, your cost will amount to a whopping $12,000. The average quick easy synthetic lawn can be installed for as low as the amazing price of $8/sqaure feet. Say your yard is a sizable 1000 square feet of land. You pay only $8000 for the products and their installation. That means you get your money’s worth in just a bit over 3 years!

  1. What About My Kids Playing on Artificial Turf? ​

Since our synthetic turf products are soft and more durable than real grass your kids would be estatic to play on it! Due to its soft nature, it is less likely for children to get injured. Also it produces no pollen so you can rest easy knowing you won’t get allergies from that. Furthermore, the infill has anti-microbial properties leaving less room for bacteria to do bad things to your children.

  1. How Well Does it Drain? ​

Our products has a proprietary backing that drains well. The crushed stone base installed in the under has a superior drainage system. It also helps with supressing pet odours. It is perfect for rainy places as well as pet friendly properties.

  1. What should I look for in artificial turf?​

For Density:

It is recommended to go for high density turf for maximum longevity and proformance of the artificial turf. This would provide good aesthetic appeal as well as imporved durability in high traffic areas.

For Pile Height:

We would recommend 30-45mm. excessively high piles results in compromised standing ability of the artificial turf.

For Colour: The idea is to create the illusion of real grass on the lawn. If it is too green with no other colours present to balance out the appearance, you will end up with a really fake looking grass.

Therefore, in order to make a natural looking lawn, you must introduce the right color of green along with brown flecks (thatch) to balance out the colour scheme. This will replicate the look of real grass.

Samples: Artificial grass companies will usually send out free samples of their artificial grass range. Use these samples to help shortlist the companies that you want to see for a site visit. ​

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